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Undergraduate Programs

All students majoring in our department start out with a core of language & culture courses in their chosen area, and receive the same major: Languages, Cultures, and International Studies. Students specialize in one of the following programs:

Language and Culture

You can choose to further develop your fluency in a language and culture area. Gain advanced level proficiency in your chosen language, and study the literature, film, culture, and history of the people who speak that language. Choices here include Classics (Latin & Greek), East Asian Language & Culture (Chinese & Japanese), FrenchGerman, or Spanish. Students in German, French, and Spanish may also earn a K-12 teaching license via the Teacher Education Program in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Services.

Foreign Language and International Trade

Couple your language study with a suite of courses in business and top it off with a foreign internship in our  Foreign Language and International Trade Program (FLIT).

International Studies

Add courses on global issues, and do work on a specific world region, and enter our International Studies Program. You can use these languages to study Africa and the Middle East (French), Asia and the South Pacific (Chinese or Japanese), Europe (French, German, or Spanish), or Latin America and the Caribbean (French or Spanish).


We offer two sorts of minors: language minors and minors taught in English. Language minors are available in Ancient Greek, ASLChinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish.  The following minors can be done entirely through courses taken in English: Classical Civilization, East Asian Civilization, and International Studies.