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International Studies

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The Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies meets a need for increased global awareness in education, business, and society. Today, more than ever, educational institutions, especially universities, research and teach in fields of knowledge that know no national boundaries.  In the marketplace for goods, services, and labor (in which Illinois must now compete internationally), the growth of globalization is creating a demand for better-informed employers and employees. The post-9/11 context makes it ever more imperative that U.S. citizens are aware of the implications of international issues, because more and more people at all levels (not just professional policymakers and political leaders) will be making business decisions and global contacts. Accordingly, graduates with degrees in International Studies will be better prepared to understand and meet these challenges.

International Studies Flyer

International Studies Advisory Board

David E. Sutton, Professor, Department of Anthropology

Elisabeth Reichert, Professor, School of Social Work

Sueng-Hee Lee, Associate Professor, Fashion Design and Merchandising

Stephen Shulman, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Cindy Buys, Professor, School of Law

Sajal Lahiri, Professor, Department of Economics

Raymund Narag, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Julie Weinert, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography

Jian (Anna) Xiong, Associate Professor, Government Information Librarian, Information Services Department

Jennifer Smith (Ex-officio), Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade