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Below you'll find a list of the languages we currently teach, and the programs you can follow through those languages. All students who major in a departmental program earn the same degree (Languages, Cultures, and International Studies), with a variety of specializations. We use the term 'major' below as shorthand for "you can earn a specialization in this as a major in Languages, Cultures, and International Studies". It's not quite as confusing as it sounds . . .

In addition to the languages listed below, we offer "lesser taught languages" in conjunction with the department of Linguistics. Please contact Linguistics directly for details on what's being taught in any given year.

American Sign Language 
ASL is the language of Deaf communities in America and Canada. By learning this language, you can communicate with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals within your area of study. Daily communication in ASL improves visual attentiveness and body language comprehension.

Minor (Chinese or East Asian Civilization), major in East Asian Language & Culture,  International Studies, or FLIT.
The Chinese economy is booming, and China boasts one of the world's greatest and most ancient cultures. Learn the language spoken by more people than any other in the world; read ancient Chinese texts, or parlay your skill in Chinese into a job in global trade.

Minor, major in French, International Studies, or FLIT
French is a world language that will connect you not only to Paris but to West and North Africa and the Caribbean. Learning French will gain you access to one of Europe's richest cultures and all areas of the world where French is still the lingua franca.

Minor, major in German, International Studies, or FLIT
Germany is the largest and richest country in the European Union, was absolutely vital to the history of the 20th century, and German literature and film have longed played a central role on the world stage.

Greek (ancient)
Minor or major (Classics)
Learn the language of Homer, Plato, Sophocles, and the New Testament.

Minor, major in East Asian Language & Culture International Studies, or FLIT
Japan is an advanced industrial country, one of the world's largest exporters, but has a culture and language very different from those that most American students are familiar with. Learning Japanese will open your eyes to a rich and distinct culture and open doors to international careers.

Minor or major (Classics)
Latin literature has been vastly influential, and for good reason; and Latin provides (together with German) much of our English vocabulary. Study the language that helped make Rome great.

Minor, major in Spanish, International Studies, or FLIT
Spanish is hardly a "foreign language" anymore in the US and is of immense value and interest to any American. Still, learning Spanish will give you the ability to understand Hispanic and Latino culture on a whole different level, while also enriching your career prospects.