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Francesca Dennstedt

Assistant Professor - Spanish

Francesca Dennstedt

Office: Faner 2021
Phone: 618-453-5429

Dr. Francesca Dennstedt received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from Washington University in St. Louis, where she also completed a certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her main areas of research are twentieth-century and contemporary Mexican literature and culture with a focus on gender and queer theory. Her work engages with questions of queer temporality, canon formation, and the nation through critical readings of Mexican women’s cultural production.

She has published a book chapter titled, “Una feminazi, una teibolera y una lesbiana: acercamientos al feminismo en la literatura mexicana actual” in Romper con la palabra by Adriana Pacheco Roldán, and her article, “‘Between Utopian Longings and Everyday Failures’: Imagining a Latin American Cuir Future” is forthcoming in Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies.