Shu-Ling Wu | LCIT | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Shu-Ling Wu

Associate Professor - Chinese, Chinese Advisor, East Asian Section Head, FLIT Director

Shu-Ling Wu

Office: Faner 2070

Phone: 618-453-5411


Shu-Ling Wu received her Ph.D. in East Asian Languages and Literatures from the University of Hawaii in 2011. She has taught at the University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii, the Defense Language Institute, and West Point. Her research specialization is in second language acquisition, particularly on how cognitive psychology can inform our understanding of second language teaching and learning. Her research interests include: second language acquisition, language testing and assessment, as well as Chinese linguistics and literature. She enjoys teaching Chinese language and culture courses at all levels and aims to cultivate experts who have a deep understanding of Chinese language and culture and can contribute to the exchanges and dialogues between the East and the West.  

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