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Double MA (Linguistics & TESOL)

Deadlines: Applications will be accepted in the Linguistics office from the beginning of November until Monday of the last week of classes during Fall semester and from the beginning of April until Monday of the last week of classes during Spring semester. Decisions are made during finals week. Application forms are available in the linguistics office. 

Please submit a hard copy of the form to the Linguistics office and submit a 1 page statement explaining your motivation for doing the double major to:

Course planning: There are a number of areas in the Linguistics MA where you can choose among a set of courses.  Because of this, it is up to the student to construct a plan for completing the requirements in the time available.  Please confer with your advisor early to make sure you are on track.  

Check the boxes as you complete the courses to fulfill your major requirements. Alternatively, you can download a printable PDF of this description with checkboxes.



Pick 2:  (6 hours)

☐Ling 402 (3) Phonetics                                   usually offered in Fall 

☐Ling 415 (3) Sociolinguistics                          usually offered in Fall

☐Ling 445 (3) Psycholinguistics                       usually offered in Fall 

☐Ling 500 (3) Semantics                                  offered occasionally


Complete both courses:  (6 hours)

☐Ling 503 (3) Phonological Theories                usually offered in Spring

☐Ling 508 (3) Syntactic Theory                        usually offered in Spring

Pick 1: (3 hours)

☐Ling 506 (3) Historical Linguistics                  usually offered in Spring

☐Ling 552 (3) Field Methods in Linguistics      usually offered in Spring

Pick 1: (3 hours)

☐Ling 553 (3) Advanced Phonology                  usually offered in Fall

☐Ling 558 (3) Advanced Syntax                        usually offered in Fall

Pick 1: (3 hours)

☐Elective: (fill in) ______________________________________

TESOL:  6 required courses plus one focus course

☐Ling 472 (3) Assessment of ESL & Bilingual Students   usually offered in Spring

☐Ling 505 (3) Professional Study of Linguistics               usually offered in Fall

☐Ling 531 (3) Pedagogical Grammar                                usually offered in Fall

☐Ling 541 (3) Introduction to 2nd Language Acquisition   usually offered Spring & Fall

☐Ling 570 (3) Methods and Materials in TESOL               usually offered in Fall

☐Ling 583 (3) TESOL Practicum                                       usually offered Spring & Fall

Pick 1: (3 hours)

☐Focus course: (fill in) ______________________________________

Those who choose to write a thesis in Linguistics or TESOL as part of the double major may replace the focus course in TESOL and the elective course from the Linguistics coursework list with up to six thesis writing hours.

Timing: The Double Major requires 42 credit hours. It is possible to complete this program in two years by taking courses during the summer after your first year of study and/or taking twelve credits some semesters. The in-class courses offered during the summer are almost always elective courses. Many students opt to take some thesis credit hours during the summer which is often a good time for uninterrupted work on your thesis, but faculty are not often available for consultation during the summer months.