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Credit by examination

If you know a foreign language, you may be eligible to earn credit (without a grade) for first and second year courses.  Note: Students who have received college credit in the relevant language cannot also gain proficiency credit in that language.  

French, German or Spanish
CLEP examinations in French, German and Spanish are offered by Testing Services, 618-453-6003, Morris Library, Room 4722. Credit via CLEP test is given only by the year. 

Other languages
Arrangements for other languages taught by the department can be made with the program office, 618-536-5571, Faner 2166. Credit for languages not taught by the University may also be available. In either of these cases credit is by the semester. 

Fees are charged for both services. Check with Testing Services or the department for the latest figures. 

NOTE: "If prior to taking a CLEP examination the student has received a grade (including a W or an audit) or has enrolled in college-level work in any discipline included in the CLEP exam (see below) they shall be ineligible for credit. (Military credit does not constitute prior coursework). One exception to this rule is made if the course the student took in a discipline from a CLEP exam was taken more than five years prior and no credit was awarded for the course.”  More information on CLEP exams can be found here.