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Placement tests

We want you in the right level of language proficiency and are here to help you register for the right course. For French, German, and Spanish, the place to start is our free online placement tests--directions follow below. The test takes about 30 minutes. For placement help for languages not included on our Placement Test, please contact one of the faculty members below.

Latin: David Johnson

Japanese: Satoshi Toyosaki

Chinese: Shu-Ling Wu

Spanish: Jennifer Smith

French: Veronique Maisier

German: Mary Bricker

Need further help call: 618.536.5571 or email

Online test: French, German, and Spanish

For reference, here's a printable PDF Placement Exam Flyer.

Log onto Webcape: (this will open in a new window, so you'll still have easy access to the instructions below)

  •  Create an account
  •  Select language
  •  Click on BEGIN
  •  Provide the information requested
  •  Click CONTINUE
  •  Take test
  •  Print out PLACEMENT EXAM REPORT which summarizes your test results
  •  Give a copy of your test results to your instructor (if you are already enrolled)

What to do with your results 

If you are already enrolled in a course, discuss your results with your instructor. If you're not currently enrolled in a class, contact the advisers listed above. They can give you the override you need to enter the right course and answer any questions you might have if you are not sure that your score reflects the right language level for you. Your college adviser and the office administrator can also enter overrides for you. 

Translating results to classes


Sem 1 – 140A (below 240)

Sem 2 – 140B (241-280)

Sem 3 – 201A (281-325)

Sem 4 – 201B (326-399)

Sem 5 - 320A (above 400)


Sem 1 – 101A (below 260)

Sem 2 – 101B (260-333)

Sem 3 – 201A (334-403)

Sem 4 – 201B (404-475)

Sem 5 - 320A (above 475)


Sem 1 – 101A (below 263)

Sem 2 – 101B (263-340)

Sem 3 – 201A (341-410)

Sem 4 – 201B (411-483)

Sem 5 - 320A - (above 483)