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College of Liberal Arts

Dorothee K. Devy

Dorothee Devy

Dorothee is a FLIT major specializing in Spanish, with a business concentration in International Account Management. She came to join the LCIS department through her strong interest in business.

“At first I wanted to study international business, but I learned that the business school at SIUC does not offer this specific major and I was referred to Brooke Thibeault and she told me about the FLIT major. I decided to go with the LCIS major because I have the opportunity to be part of the business school and the COLA. This major also includes a lot of traveling which is something I enjoy.”

Brooke also informed Dorothee about the many scholarships available through SIU in general, and those offered to LCIS students in particular. Like many students, Dorothee found applying for award itself to be straightforward. However, the timing of her application presented an obstacle that other students may be facing.

“It was not necessarily difficult to apply for this award, the only challenging part was finding the right professor to provide me a recommendation letter since it was the beginning of the semester. To anyone that would like to apply, don’t hesitate to apply. Don’t think that the competition is too hard to beat and that they would never pick you. And apply as many times as you can possibly can, keep an open mind. Remember that you work hard in school and someone will notice, whether you think so or not. You may think you’re just an ordinary person but you can accomplish extraordinary things, because you are intelligent and capable of accomplishing anything if you just keep trying.”

Dorothee had some final comments that she wanted to share.

“I would like to thank the scholarship committee for choosing me as the recipient for this scholarship. I am honored to have been chosen. I take my education very seriously and you guys have given me hope. And hope is what keeps me going. I am incredibly grateful, thank you once again.”

We wish her all the best, in academia and beyond!