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World Languages Day

World Languages Day (WLD) — formerly Foreign Language Day

World Languages Day 2019

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Each spring for 44 years, between 500-1,300 area high school students and their teachers came to the SIU Student Center to participate in a morning jam-packed full of Scholar Bowl competitions and cultural presentations at Foreign Language Day. Due to budgetary constraints and staffing issues, Foreign Language Day was on hiatus during 2017 and 2018, but we are back!

World Languages Day 2019 will not offer Scholar Bowl, but will feature a new and exciting competition, The Global Idol Talent Show, that allows students to show off their acquired language skills by way of a skit, a poetry reading, a song, or an approved presentation. Click here for more information.

The Student Center Corker Lounge was filled with information and demonstration tables and included two popular activities: Origami Demonstration and “Your Name In” Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, etc. These activities will also be a staple of World Languages Day’s program agenda and other popular features.

Many of the same presentations organized by faculty members, graduate assistants, students, and volunteers - featuring many of the cultural aspects of the languages we teach - are going to be offered as in past years. WLD will allow area high school student representatives to compete in the Global Idol Talent Show. After all, why should we have all the fun?

Prior to the event, the WLD Committee brainstorms to come up with new and exciting ideas to provide a diverse selection of activities for our guests. We hope you can join us!

A few of the past years' Foreign Language Days are featured below in PowerPoint presentations. Check them out. (Note: to view in Slideshow format, click on "Slideshow" and "From the Beginning")

FLD 2011

FLD 2010

FLD 2009