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Jessica Bromund

Jessica Bromund

Jessica is a Classics major pursuing a love that began at an early age. “I’ve been fascinated with Ancient Greek Myth and culture since I was young.  As soon as I got into my first Latin class along with other classics courses, I was hooked.”

As an SIU junior, Jessica has had the opportunity to expand on her knowledge of mythology and classical studies by working with Dr. Taoka. It was Dr. Taoka that suggested she should apply for a scholarship in the department.

“I put a lot of thought into it.  I would say that I was nervous about the outcome.  As an archaeology undergraduate student, field school is very important, especially a field school directly related to what I want to pursue in graduate school.  I’ve never won a scholarship that I applied for before, so this was a first… this scholarship helps me get closer to going to an archaeological field school relating to classical archaeology.”

Graduate school can be an excellent environment for students of the classics to further their studies, and positions them for entrance into careers where they could continue to learn for a lifetime.

“After graduation I plan to refine my language skills and apply for a PhD program in classical archaeology.”

Thus, the tradition of educating the educators of tomorrow continues.