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Our faculty are leaders in their fields and play an integral role in shaping the academic experience of our students. We are proud to have them as part of our community.

Cola Faculty


CoLA and the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) support research in a number of different ways. On their website, you will find resources for many aspects of research including:

  • Undergraduate Assistantship Program Overview and Guidelines
  • Graduate Technology Enhancement Grants (due in late Jan.)
  • Undergraduate Tech Fee Proposal Program (due in late Sept.)
  • Faculty Seed Grant Applications
  • OSPA Workshops
  • Budget Assistance
  • External Funding Sources
  • Internal Funding Sources
  • Finding Collaborators

Committees & Councils

Curriculum Vitae

The CV is the principal tool for a faculty member to record accomplishment, to monitor his/her progress, and to present work for evaluation—not least for annual reviews. Later, it is the core of the promotion dossier. The following instructional documents provide guidance for preparing/maintaining curricula vitae in keeping with University and CoLA standards and practices.

CV and Promotion Dossier Guidelines

Official SIU CV Format

Cola Faculty


Travel support for the presentation at conferences is available from your school, CoLA, and OSPA . Note that OSPA will not give any funds unless they recieve the form prior to the travel date.

Faculty/Student Support Request


Office of the Associate Dean for Research, Budget, and Personnel

Office of the Associate Dean for Student & Curricular Affairs

Grade Change Forms

Petition for Reinstatement

Policies & Procedures

Academic Dishonesty Procedures

The Student Conduct Code (2022-2023) can be found in its entirety here.

Procedures for Addressing Academic Misconduct

The PDF document, "Procedures for Addressing Academic Misconduct," addresses the general policies followed encompassing Student Academic Misconduct allegation proceedings, excerpted from the official Student Conduct Code.

For other information about Academic Misconduct proceedings and other related issues, faculty may visit the Faculty Resources section of the SIU Student Rights and Responsibilities website.

CoLA Operating Paper

"In order to establish a more viable and democratic structure, providing the faculty and students of the college a meaningful voice in the affairs of the college, the faculty and dean of the College of Liberal Arts of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale set forth this operating paper." -- Declaration of Purpose from the OPERATING PAPER FOR THE GOVERNANCE OF THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS