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Prudence Rice

Professor Emerita

Prudence Rice


Archaeology,ceramics; Mesoamerica, Andes


  • Anth 205: Latin American Civilization
  • Anth 430B: Archaeology of Meso-America
  • Anth 511: Seminar in Meso-American Archaeology
  • Anth 568: Ceramic Analysis


2005   Maya Political Science: Time, Astronomy, and the Cosmos. University of Texas Press, Austin. 

2004   The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands: Collapse, Transition, and Transformation , edited by A. Demarest, P. Rice, and D. Rice.  Westview Press.

1999   Rethinking Classic lowland Maya pottery censers.   Ancient Mesoamerica 10:1-26.

1999   On the origins of pottery.  Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 6:1-54.

1997   The Prehistory and History of Ceramic Kilns , edited by P. Rice.  Ceramics and Civilization, vol. 7.  The American Ceramic Society.

1996   Peru's colonial wine industry and its European background.  Antiquity  70:785-800

1987   Macanche Island, El Peten, Guatemala: Excavations, Pottery, and Artifacts.  Univ. Presses of Florida.

1987   Pottery Analysis, A Sourcebook.  Univ. of Chicago Press.