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Janet Fuller

Phone: 618.453.5057
email: jmfuller@siu.edu

My current research addresses language ideologies and social identities in the U.S. and Germany. In particular, I am interested in how discourses surrounding immigration, integration, “race” and ethnicity are intertwined with ideologies about language and nation, and how these ideologies influence how language is used by speakers to position themselves with regard to culturally constructed categories. Of particular interest within this broad theme is how such matters are relevant in educational contexts.

Research Interests

Sociolinguistics; Discourse Analysis; Language, Gender and Sexuality; Multilingualism


  • Anth 240B Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
  • Anth/Ling 415 Sociolinguistics
  • Anth/Ling 416 Spanish in the USA
  • Anth/Ling 544 Discourse Analysis


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