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Brian Butler

Center for Archaeological Investigations, Emeritus

Center for Archaeological Investigations, Emeritus

I am an archaeologist with wide-ranging research interests in eastern North America. I am particularly concerned with the development of early horticultural societies and the subsequent “chiefdom” level Mississippian polities. I also have some specific interests in lithic technology and lithic resource utilization.

Research Interests

Geographically, my work has focused on the southern Midwest and Midsouth, particularly in southern Illinois and the lower Ohio Valley. I also pursue research in the islands of Micronesia in the western Pacific. I have done work in Palau and the Mariana Islands, but my efforts have chiefly focused on the Marianas where I have examined questions of initial settlement, coastal ecology and island adaptations, as well as ceramic technology.


  • Anth 201: Archaeology of Illinois
  • Anth 441B: Lithic Analysis
  • Anth 510: Seminar in Archeaology of North America (topics in the Archaeology of the Midwest and Midsouth)
  • Anth 522: Archaeology of Micronesia
  • Anth 581: Archaeology and the Historic Preservation System  



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