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Jane Adams

Professor Emerita

email: jadams@siu.edu

My intellectual and academic career has focused on the encounter between people who live in rural regions and expanding, industrializing states and societies. My ethnographic and historical research focuses on rural North America, particularly the region included within the Mississippi Delta - from Southern Illinois southward.

This work has resulted in three books and numerous articles, with another book in preparation.

In 2000 I began a long-term project on peoples' memories of, and judgments about, the massive transformations of the post-World War II period in the lower Mississippi Delta. With my husband, photographer D. Gorton, I have returned to Mississippi, where we participated in the Freedom Movement in the 1960s. We are using digital video to interview and film in the field. We are authoring the material on the World Wide Web as well as in conventional print and video media.

Our work is featured as a "Profile in Success" by Apple Computer.

I am also a member of a team that has been studying watershed planning in the Cache River watershed in southernmost Illinois.


  • Anth. 410C, Economic Anthropology (Fall 2009)
  • Anth 565, Seminar on Social Movements: Race, Faith, Class, Nation (Spring 2009)
    With special topics on gender, social movement theory, religion, nationalism, and the formation of the modern nation state.
  • Anth. 202, America's Diverse Cultures (Fall 2006)
  • Anth 412, Using Digital Media in Anthropological Research (Spring 2004)
  • Anth. 370, Contemporary Human Problems (Spring 2008)
  • Anth. 410E, Legal and Political Anthropology (Fall 2008)
  • Anth 500E, History of Anthropology (Fall 2005)
  • Anth. 310G/470G, Peoples and Cultures of North America (Spring 2008)


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