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Jane Adams

Professor Emerita

email: jadams@siu.edu

My intellectual and academic career has focused on the encounter between people who live in rural regions and expanding, industrializing states and societies. My ethnographic and historical research focuses on rural North America, particularly the region included within the Mississippi Delta - from Southern ...read full profile >>

Andrew Balkansky


Dr. Balkansky has done archaeological fieldwork in Mexico since 1991. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin (1997), and was a scientific assistant and post-doctoral researcher at the American Museum of Natural History (1996-1998). His principal research has been settlement pattern surveys, and ...read full profile >>

Brian Butler

Center for Archaeological Investigations, Emeritus

I am an archaeologist with wide-ranging research interests in eastern North America. I am particularly concerned with the development of early horticultural societies and the subsequent “chiefdom” level Mississippian polities. I also have some specific interests in lithic technology and ...read full profile >>

Robert Corruccini

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Among the subdisciplines of Biological Anthropology, I publish research particularly concerning Human Dental Variation, Biodistance, Epidemiology of Malocclusion, the Evolution of Disease, Morphometrics and Statistics with special reference to concepts of shape, and various aspects of Primate and Hominid ...read full profile >>

Susan Ford

Professor Emeritus, RETIRED PVCAA


Email: sford@siu.edu


Research Interests Primate evolution (especially platyrrhines), systematics, comparative functional anatomy, New World monkey biogeography, size and scaling, evolutionary theory, South America (platyrrhine primates). Ph.D. 1980 University of Pittsburgh. Courses Anth 104: The Human Experience Anth 210: Survey ...read full profile >>

Janet Fuller


Janet Fuller

Phone: 618.453.5057
email: jmfuller@siu.edu

My current research addresses language ideologies and social identities in the U.S. and Germany. In particular, I am interested in how discourses surrounding immigration, integration, “race” and ethnicity are intertwined with ideologies about language and nation, and how these ideologies ...read full profile >>

George Gumerman

Distinguished Professor Emeritus; Past Dir, Cntr for Arch Investigations

Jerome Handler

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Jonathan Hill

Professor Emeritus

Obituary for Dr. Jonathan D. Hill Dr. Jonathan D. Hill, 69, died June 24 at home in Ladue, MO after a courageous, 23-month battle with Glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor. Dr. Hill was an internationally-known anthropologist and ethnomusicologist who specialized in the cultures of indigenous peoples living in ...read full profile >>

C. Andrew Hofling

Professor Emeritus

My research is concerned with exploring the interrelationships of language, culture and cognition in discourse with an areal focus on the lowland Maya of southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Research Interests This research includes contributions to the general topical areas of discourse analysis, ...read full profile >>

Ester Maring

Assistant Professor Emerita

Folklore, ethnology, acculturation, anthropology of religion, customary law, and ethics; Southeast Asia, US Pueblos.

Joel Maring

Associate Professor Emeritus

Linguistics, educational anthropology, ethomusic; US Southwest, Southeast Asia, New Guinea.

Jon Muller

Professor Emeritus

I am undertaking a long-term project to republish historical sources on the Southeast on the WWW. I've already started getting older, public domain sources into digital form. Here are digitized versions of Bourne's translation of Rodrigo Ranjel's account (ca. 150k) of the de Soto expedition ...read full profile >>

Don Rice

Professor Emeritus

email: drice@siu.edu

Dr. Don Rice’s research has focused primarily on demographic history, human use of and impact upon tropical environments, modeling of future land use in the tropics, and culture change and ethnogenesis.  He has directed grant-funded, multi-disciplinary research in Guatemala and Peru, ...read full profile >>

Prudence Rice

Professor Emerita

Archaeology,ceramics; Mesoamerica, Andes Courses Anth 205: Latin American Civilization Anth 430B: Archaeology of Meso-America Anth 511: Seminar in Meso-American Archaeology Anth 568: Ceramic Analysis Publications 2005   Maya Political Science: Time, Astronomy, and the Cosmos. ...read full profile >>

Izumi Shimada

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

I have a number of ongoing fieldwork and writing projects. In December, 2005, I completed the first phase (field and laboratory seasons of 2003, 2004 and 2005) of the long-term, international Pachacamac Archaeological Project, which has explored the "social foundations and environmental contexts" ...read full profile >>

Paul D. Welch

Associate Professor

I study the interaction of economics with social and political organization in small-scale societies. My research focuses on Native American (Indian) societies of the southeastern US before the arrival of Europeans. I have directed excavations in several states of the southeastern US, and worked on other ...read full profile >>