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The Specialization in ENL is the best option for students who wish to work in the field of ESL education after graduation or continue with graduate-level work in ESL or TESOL. This Specialization provides coursework in the structure of the English language and pedagogical methods appropriate for teaching English to speakers of other languages, both adults and children, in ESL, EFL, and bilingual settings.

Core courses:

  • LING 200 Language, Society and the Mind --OR-- LING 201 Language Diversity in the USA
  • LING 300 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics
  • LING 407 Theory, Methods, and Materials of TESOL
  • LING 472 Assessment of ESL and Bilingual Students

Teaching Specialization (12 credit hours):

The ENL Specialization requires that students focus most of their coursework in areas that directly relate to the teaching of English. Students in this Specialization choose four courses from the categories listed below with at least one course focused on Language Skills. 

Language Skills (3 credit hours):

  • LING 431 Teaching Writing and Grammar in a Second Language
  • LING 485 Teaching Listening and Speaking in a Second Language
  • LING 487 Teaching Reading and Vocabulary in a Second Language

The remaining courses in the Teaching Specialization category can come either from additional Language Skills (above) or from other TESOL Focus courses (below).

TESOL Focus (9 credit hours):

  • LING 341 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
  • LING 415 Sociolinguistics
  • LING 440 Topics in Linguistics (where appropriate)
  • LING 442 Language Planning
  • LING 443 Bilingualism
  • LING 444 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 454 Observation and Practice in TESOL
  • LING 470 Theoretical Foundations of Teaching ESL and Bilingual Students
  • LING 471 Bilingual Education Methods and Materials
  • LING 473 Introduction to Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • LING 482 Course Design for TESOL
  • LING 490A TESOL K-12 Internship
  • LING 490B TESOL International Internship

Electives (9 credit hours):

The remaining 9 credit hours (3 courses) are chosen from any of the 300- or 400-level courses offered with a LING prefix. Up to six credit hours may be drawn from other programs with the prior approval of the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator in Linguistics.

Students who are interested in obtaining an ESL Endorsement to a Professional Educator License should speak with the Linguistics K-12 Advisor for a specific list of courses that will satisfy this endorsement. The ESL Endorsement coursework can be completed while working toward the ENL Specialization or on the Generalist track with the guidance of the Linguistics K-12 Advisor.