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Academic Advisement

Dr. Jeffrey Punske is the coordinator of the undergraduate Linguistics Program. It is recommended that undergraduate majors consult with Dr. Punske for advising before registering for each term. He will be able to tell you which courses are on the schedule for the next semester. Also remember that some courses must be taken in a certain sequence. In particular, you must take Phonetics (402) before Phonology (405) which must be taken before Historical Linguistics (406). In addition, you must have Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics (300), Phonetics (402), and Syntactic Theories (408) before you take Psycholinguistics (445).

Another important location for undergraduate majors is the College of Liberal Arts Advising Office. CoLA Advisors can assist with questions about University and College of Liberal Arts Requirements, as well as questions about your Linguistics major. The CoLA Advising Office is also responsible for conducting graduation clearance during your senior year. Please remember that you must submit a graduation application and go through graduation clearance in order to graduate!