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Major Requirements

All Linguistics Majors Must Complete:

University Core Curriculum Requirements (41 semester hours).
College of Liberal Arts Academic Requirements (14 semester hours).

A minimum of one year (two courses) or higher of one foreign language, satisfaction by coursework or exam. Students may not use the same language courses to fulfill requirements in both the University Core Curriculum and the College of Liberal Arts. International students who have met the Office of International Admissions competency requirement may satisfy this requirement with their native language by providing a secondary school certificate from their native country. (Bachelor of Fine Arts degree students in Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree students in Musical Theater, Bachelor of Music degree students and Bachelor of Arts degree students in the Music Business Specialization do not have to fulfill the foreign language requirement.)

One approved writing-intensive course designated by the major as fulfilling the Writing-Across-the- Curriculum requirement.

One English composition course, excluding creative writing, in addition to the Core Curriculum composition requirement. Students who have fulfilled the Writing-Across-the-Curriculum requirement may fulfill this requirement with a second College of Liberal Arts approved writing-intensive course.

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This track focuses primarily on teaching English to new speakers of the language in an ESL or Bilingual setting.

Consists of 33 semester hours comprising a core of basic courses in the structure of the English language and pedagogical methods.

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Generalist Track

Provides students with introductory coursework in Linguistic theory.

Consists of 33 semester hours comprising a core of basic courses plus a variety of elective courses.

Theoretical Track

Provides a solid theoretical foundation in the major subfields of Linguistics

Consists of 33 semester hours including coursework in Phonology and Syntax plus the theoretical breadth expected for entry into graduate programs in Linguistics.

ASL Linguistics Track

Requires basic work in Linguistics as well as coursework developing skill in ASL.

Consists of 33 semester hours including an introduction to Deaf Culture and the History of Sign Language(s) as well as coursework on how ASL (and other signed languages) are studied from a Linguistic perspective.