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Undergrad Sociology Club

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a place where students, faculty, and community members can gather and exchange ideas about the society around them. The sociology club seeks to make participants and the community aware of socially relevant issues and expose more people to the field of sociology while promoting education inside and outside of the classroom. Participants will find a place where they can network with other sociology students. The sociology club hopes to cultivate enthusiasm and energy through activities such as social events, field trips, volunteer opportunities, guest speakers, and group discussion. We want our participants to have experiences that promote mental growth and inspire action.


Natalie Curley,  President - natalie.curley@siu.edu

Elizabeth Sales, Vice President - elizabeth.sales@siu.edu

Ryan Buttrum, Treasurer - ryan.buttrum@siu.edu

For more information, contact:
Dr. Chris Wienke (cwienke@siu.edu)
Faner 3432