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About Our Program

Our students graduate with a focus and ambition that can only be fostered through a holistic learning experience. Our faculty deconstruct barriers and teach subjects within larger contexts that allow students to discover integrative approaches to problem-solving and social analysis. Our program enables students to draw ideas and work with people from all disciplines -- to become professionals who think critically, solve creatively, and act decisively.

The competitive edge.

Students pursuing careers in law, social welfare, business administration, journalism and technical & scientific fields are often drawn to Sociology. In addition to being excellent preparation for graduate study or employment in any of these fields, sociology is a particularly resourceful complement to undergraduate study of these disciplines. Many of our alumni find that a double major or major-minor combination between sociology and one of these areas gives them not only a competitive academic edge over their peers, but also deeper understanding and scope of the underlying ties within these fields.

Our graduates find meaningful and rewarding employment as consultants to business and government, social change agents (e.g., community organizers), politicians, educators, and diplomats. A solid foundation in the liberal arts ensures that our students enter the business world as flexible problem-solvers and driven advocates of their own success.

The journey begins here.

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