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Statistics Web Resources

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Statistics Help Page

This website lists some helpful website to learn and review some basic statistics and how to use SPSS, etc. The more general information about statistical software could be found here.

1. Statistics Help

Khan Academy for Stats and Math

Some Youtube for Doing Stats "by Hand"

The following is a list of some of the Youtube clips where we can see how to do statistics by hand and tables.

2. SPSS Help

Websites for Those Who Like to Click

This is a list of Youtube tutorials where we can see where to click on SPSS.

Set 1:

Set 2:

Websites for Those who Like to Use Syntax

The Univ. of California, Los Angeles has a really nice set of SPSS tutorials at:

Their annotated outputs include the exact SPSS syntax, output, and explanations about how to interpret the results. Visit for the annotated outputs here: Some of the direct links are:

3. Resources for Other Statistical Software

Resources for some other statistical software, such as Stata, etc. can be found at

There are also some free software programs. For example, R is a free statistical software which looks like Stata with free RStudio. The For qualitative analyses, a free software, R package for Qualitative Data Analysis could be an alternative for NVivo or Atlas.ti, etc. There are many free online tutorials for both softwares.

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