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Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department at Southern Illinois University.  She graduated with her M.S. in Sociology from Illinois State University. Annie’s research interests include gender, sport, the body, and qualitative methods. Using a triangulation of research methods, her dissertation research, which examines the structural influence of CrossFit on gender performance, contributes to the ongoing theoretical debate of (re)doing gender.  Annie earned the Dissertation Research Award for her work and will defend in the Spring of 2019. At SIU, she has been the instructor of Women and Men in Contemporary Society and Popular Culture in Society. Annie has also taught American Diversity and Marriage and the Family at John A. Logan College. Her service to the university includes being the president of the Sociology Graduate Student Association and the Liaison with Undergraduate Sociology Club. Additionally, she serves as the graduate representative on the Sociology Department Recruitment Committee, the Sociology Department Grievance Committee, the Women’s Intersport Network Executive Board, as well as the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Executive Board.

Debaleena Ghosh

I am a qualitative researcher and I study how structural inequalities are reinforced at work. Precisely, my research entails an intersectional analysis of social identities, cultural backgrounds, and immigration status at work. For my Ph.D. dissertation, I am exploring the experiences of foreign-born faculty in the U.S. academy, for which I am investigating how gender, race, national origin, ethnic culture, and foreign-born status intersect to determine the faculty’s privileges and penalties at work- both at organizational and interpersonal levels, and their overall social and professional standing in a foreign country. Additionally, I am exploring how the organizational and departmental culture of diversity impacts their meaning-making experiences. To answer my research questions, I conducted in-depth face-to-face interviews with immigrant faculty, search committee members, and administrators at a public university in the Midwest, as well as observed classroom lectures and faculty meetings. The Graduate School awarded me the Dissertation Research Assistantship Award for this project. Additionally, the Sociology Department awarded me the J. Mark Wehrle Dissertation Scholarship for the same.

Along with research, I am passionate about teaching. My areas of expertise entail the sociology of gender, race/ethnicity, social inequalities, immigration, culture, work and occupations, organizations, and qualitative methods. At SIUC, I have taught undergraduate courses pertaining to gender, race and ethnic relations in the U.S., and introductory sociology. Prior to joining SIUC, I have taught extensively for 3 years at the undergraduate level in India that included research methods, Marxist theory, introduction to sociology, social institutions and organizations, and social problems.

Korey Phelan

Congratulations to Korey Phelan, who has accepted a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah!

My primary research interests center around crime and deviance, race/ethnicity, and gender. I have a particular interest in juvenile delinquency and in the etiology and consequences of problem behaviors in youth and adolescents. I earned a Dissertation Research Award for my work that utilizes a general strain theory framework to examine the effects of personal and social resources and cultural identity on delinquent and substance use outcomes among American Indian youth. I will defend my dissertation in the Spring of 2019. At SIU, I have had the opportunity to teach a variety of in-person and online introductory and upper-division courses in Sociology and Criminology including Sociological Research Methods, Deviance, Criminology, and Juvenile Delinquency.