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Travel Grants

Presenting at professional conferences is an important part of our graduate students’ education and professionalization process. In order to make the costs of this travel more affordable, please familiarize yourself with the following resources.

Graduate and Professional Student Council

Provides $75 for attending a conference, and $150 for presenting at a conference. There is a limit of receiving $150 per academic year. These funds are available year-round.

Annually provides 60 - 80 research awards, in the amount of $250, for funds conducive to research or presentations.  Check their website for when applications are due.

Alpha Kappa Delta

Alpha Kappa Delta awards funds for student members twice a year to attend major sociological conferences. They offer up to $400 a student, but can give only $1200 a chapter (so, if ten students apply, each will receive $120). Pay attention to your inbox at the start of fall and spring semester for more information on how to apply.

Conference Websites

Various conferences offer small awards for student travel, usually available on a lottery basis. For example, each year the MSS offers 100 student members $150 to go towards the cost of attending conferences, and that money is available simply by sending in an e-mail request.

Our Program

Depending on our funding situation, the program may have funds to go towards presenting at conferences. In any case, contact the office to see if there are any funds available for travel, or if they have any suggestions of more opportunities for funding.