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Dr. Whaley selected for Graduate Faculty Mentor Award of Excellence for the College of Liberal Arts

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More Tools. Fewer barriers.

From faculty mentors who are recognized experts in their fields to state-of-the-art statistical and ethnographic software, the Sociology Program is committed to empowering students and providing an interactive lens through which to view and study the social world.

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Are you concerned about social inequality? Want a more just, a more equal, and a more inclusive social world? Consider a Minor in Social Justice

The Social Justice Minor is an interdisciplinary degree designed to help students better understand the causes and consequences of unjust social arrangements, the ideas and forces that undergird them, and how social injustices can be changed. The minor supports and encourages the study of activism and advocacy for social justice, and will be especially important for students who anticipate working in advocacy roles in nonprofit organizations, in local communities, or in governmental organizations, as well as careers in fields such as education, social services, law, health services, publishing, or emerging areas of research. For more information, contact Dr. Chris Wienke, faculty coordinator.