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Sociology at SIU Carbondale is a small but vibrant program with outstanding faculty and engaged students. You may know us as a program with faculty who have international reputations in social movements, religion and politics, and globalization and development. We also have a strong contingent researching crime and deviance and we recently were awarded the Sociologists for Women in Society’s Seal of Excellence for our program’s gender equity and high level of involvement in gender scholarship. We are very proud of the productivity of our faculty which has resulted in a faculty citation rate that is one of the highest in the nation. But do you know that we also have award winning teachers? Both faculty and graduate students in our program have recently been awarded “outstanding teacher” titles from our university.

You may also know us as a program with an outstanding reputation in training qualitative researchers and social constructionist scholars. This is a source of pride for us and one we continually strive to reassert in our hiring of new faculty. But do you also know about the advanced statistical and methodological training we offer to our graduate students? Our students leave with a balanced methodological resumé because that is an important value in our program.

You may know us as a program located in a mid-sized, rural Midwestern university. It’s true; Carbondale is two hours from an international airport and two years from the newest fashion trends. But our award-winning theater and music programss bring outstanding and diverse cultural experiences to our campus town and our large population of international scholars, students and citizens create a social milieu that belies our rural moniker. What you expect is not what you get in Carbondale. For instance, our university ranks in the top fifty nationally in baccalaureate degrees for African-American students. Almost one-third of our students come from Chicago and its surrounding counties, making our classrooms geographically, ethnically and socially diverse. Our community hosts social events befitting our rural heritage (“Pig Out”) and our international heritage (“Irish Festival”). Outdoor concerts are widely attended on Thursday nights throughout the summer.

Because SIU Carbondale is ranked as a Doctoral Research Extensive University by the Carnegie Foundation research is highly regarded and supported here. Our faculty and students work hard on their myriad research projects but still find time to enjoy the local and regional lakes, rock climbing, hiking in the Shawnee National Forest and sampling our local wines on our Shawnee Wine Trail.

Whether you’re considering a brief visit, or entertaining studying sociology with us, or applying for a faculty position, we hope you’ll come take a look for yourself.