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Spanish Specialization

Please contact Jennifer Smith at if considering a specialization in Spanish.

A Specialization in Spanish consists of 36 semester hours in courses above the 100-level, with a minimum of 16 hours on the 300-level (to include 320), 12 hours on the 400-level ), and one literature course at the 300- or 400-level. A minor in Spanish consists of 18 semester hours in courses above the 100-level (to include 320).

The B.A. program meets the objectives of students preparing for employment in language-centered careers or in non-language areas where language proficiency is a supporting factor. Government agencies and businesses with international dealings employ great numbers of individuals; scientists, engineers, librarians, social workers—whose primary skills are basically non-linguistic, but who can enhance their employment and career possibilities with appropriate training in foreign languages and cultures.

Great personal satisfaction and substantial growth in intellectual resources can be found in the mastery of a new language.

For Spanish requirements, start with our Spanish Specialization Check Sheet. For minor requirements, use our Spanish Minor Check Sheet.

A degree in Languages, Cultures, and International Studies with a Specialization in Foreign Language and International Trade (FLIT) is one option in the foreign language program for those students who would like to combine a foreign language specialization with a strong background in international business. This program culminates in an overseas internship. For further information, contact the FLIT Office. A specialization in Foreign Language and International Public Service is another option offered by the Spanish program. This specialization is designed for those students who would like to combine the study of a foreign language with another discipline or enhance their marketability after graduation.

Students specializing in a foreign language usually begin at the second or third level. Students who have taken two years of one foreign language in high school (or equivalent) may earn proficiency credit by taking a proficiency examination in Spanish at SIU Testing Services. The Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade will honor CLEP exams in Spanish.

As an alternative, or for additional credit, students who can enter at the 200-level or above can gain validating credit for up to two previous courses.

NOTE: Transfer students who specialize in a foreign language must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in language courses at SIU.

Teacher Education Program


A specialization in Spanish with K-12 teaching licensure consists of 35 semester hours in courses above the 100-level, a with a minimum of 14 hours on the 300-level (to include 320), 11 hours on the 400-level, one literature course at the 300- or 400-level, and FL 436 (Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages). For specific courses, click to see a copy of the current Bachelor of Arts Spanish specialization (with teaching licensure) check sheet. You should also contact the advisors in the College of Education and Human Services concerning specific requirements for Teacher Education. It is also highly recommended that students interested in a career in high school teaching minor or double major in a second field to make them more marketable.

For TEP requirements, start with our Spanish TEP Check Sheet.


For more information on the COEHS TEP Program, please click here