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About Us

"The SIUC Africana Studies Program, presently within the School of Africana and Multicultural Studies, is the harvest of more than 40 years of labor, started by the students, community and staff who organized the Black American Studies Program at SIU in 1968."

What is Africana Studies?

Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary and global discipline focused on the scholarship of the histories, political and cultural movements, institutions, economies and identities of Africans and the African diaspora. Africa’s own overlapping cultures along with the dispersment of African people – whether forced or voluntary - have given rise to the discourse of what “black” and “African” identities and experiences actually mean. This has impelled the discipline of Black Studies to rethink the geographical boundaries and conceptual template surrounding the production of knowledge about Africa and its diasporic communities.

Africana Studies at SIU has a commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship as well as student and community programming highlighting the global reach and implications of the Africana World without losing sight of the unique concerns of African American experiences domestically.

Instructors and Class Size

Courses in Africana and Multicultural Studies school span all areas of study and are taught by full-time professors in classes small enough for dialogue between students and professors. The School's distinguished faculty consists of a diverse set of scholars who are leaders in their respective disciplines. Their cumulative work produces an innovative knowledge base in the intersections between class, gender, nation, sexuality, and race.