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Assistantships & Financial Aid

Most students receive funding through Sociology and university teaching and research assistantships, or through external research funding. These assistantships for qualified students are available through the program on a competitive basis.  There are also various fellowships awarded by the Graduate School in university-wide competition that have deadlines in January and February.

New students seeking funding should apply by January 1 of each year. Students funded through the program are required to enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours each semester. Funding is normally limited to four semesters for M.A. degree students and eight semesters (up to 48 months including Dissertation Research Award) for Ph.D. degree students.  A student's continued funding is contingent on the student's satisfactory progress in the program, annual evaluations by faculty (on students’ performance in classes & readings, work assignments, progress in program, and professional service and activities), passing comprehensive exams in a timely manner, and on the availability of funds.