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Emeriti Faculty

Ernest K. Alix, Ph.D.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1966), Deviant Behavior, Sociology of Sport, Law and Society 

Thomas Burger, Ph.D

Duke University (1972) Theory, History of Social Thought, Social Stratification 

Thomas C. Calhoun, Ph.D.

University of Kentucky (1988), Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, Race & Ethnic Relations, Qualitative Methods 

Roland K. Hawkes, Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins University (1967). Development, Migration and Immigration 

Lewellyn Hendrix, Ph.D. | Email

Princeton University (l974). Family and Kinship, Gender, Cross-Cultural Research 

Frank C. Nall II, Ph.D.

University of Michigan (1959), Urban Sociology, Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations 

Mark A. Schneider, Ph.D. | Email

Yale University (1985), Theory, Culture, and Science 

Kathryn Ward, Ph.D. | Email

Iowa (1982), Intersection of Race, Class, Gender & Sexuality, Globalization, Bangladesh, Nari JIbon, Social Movements, Cairo IL Civil Rights Movement, Research Methods

Websites: www.narijibon.com www.facebook.com/lclbbfarm www.facebook.com/plantavegseed