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Rachel Whaley

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Rachel B. Whaley

Office: Faner 3434

Phone: (618) 453-7631

Email: rwhaley@siu.edu


Dr. Whaley's research and teaching interests are in criminology and the sociology of gender and the intersection of the two subfields. Past research has examined the macro-level correlates of rape and female homicide victimization using data on US cities. Of particular focus is the relationship between structural gender equality and rates of men’s violence against women (and against other men). Current projects examine the relationships between the amount and the nature of change in gender stratification and men’s violence. Dr. Whaley is trained in quantitative research methods and statistical analyses. A new research project examines the portrayal of breastfeeding in major US newspapers.

Her teaching experience includes introduction to sociology, research methods, statistics, criminology, and sociology of gender. Dr. Whaley teaches or has taught statistics and criminology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Whaley welcomes the opportunity to work with students interested in criminology, gender, inequality/stratification, or any combination of these interests.

Current Research

Whaley, R. B., R. Hayes-Smith & J. Hayes-Smith. Teenage drug and alcohol use: Comparing individual and contextual effects.  Submitted and under review.

Whaley, R. B., S. Messner & B. Vesey.  Paths to gender equality and rates of men’s lethal violence.

Whaley, R. B., R. Hayes-Smith & J. Hayes-Smith. Gender and drug use: Different exposure or different response to life experiences?

Whaley, R. B., J. Abbott, & K. Lipford.  Portrayal of breastfeeding in major newspapers before and after a national breastfeeding awareness campaign.

Areas of Specialization and Interest

  • Criminology/Delinquency

  • Sex and Gender

  • Quantitative Methodology

Selection of Courses Taught

  • Soc 108: Introduction to Sociology

  • Soc 308: Statistics for the Social Sciences

  • Soc 572: Seminar in Criminology

  • Soc 530: Special Topics: Gender and social change

  • Soc 512: Sociological research methods and design

  • Soc 526b: Statistical Data Analysis in Sociology II

Recent Publications

Whaley, R. B., S. Messner & B. Vesey.  The relationship between gender equality and rates of lethal violence of males against females: An exploration of functional form.  Justice Quarterly. 2012.

Whaley, R. B., Hayes-Smith, R. & Hayes-Smith, J.  Differential reactions to school bonds, peers, and victimization in the case of adolescent substance use: The moderating effect of sex. Crime & Delinquency  2012.

Smith, J. & R. B. Whaley.  2009. Community characteristics and methamphetamine use: A social disorganization perspective.  Journal of Drug Issues, 39(3): 547-576.

Whaley, R. B., Moe, A., Daugherty, J. & J. Mark Eddy.  2007.  The domestic violence experiences of women in community corrections. Women & Criminal Justice, 18(3): 25-45.