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Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Bryce W. Benefield

Joined: 2015

Bryce W. Benefield

I originally joined the Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory because I wanted to stay active in helping with research. The summer of 2015 I helped with cardiovascular research, and I saw INL as an opportunity to better my understanding in another area of the human organ system. I was also looking to get my name published in a couple abstracts to help stand out from the rest of the med-school applicants. Little did I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. This lab has taught me how to work with participants in a professional and clinical way. I am currently involved with the data collection of this lab. I also interact with the participants to help get the data collection sessions done as timely as possible.

Interests: How all of the organ systems work together, and the ways that different substances can affect data collection.

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