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Accelerated MA in Linguistics

5 year BA / MA in Linguistics

Students who begin as undergraduate majors in either linguistics or TESOL may pursue the 5-year MA in linguistics, providing (i) they have maintained a 3.5 grade point average in 300 and 400-level courses, and (ii) their BA coursework includes the following:

Courses required of all 5-year BA / MA students: (15 semester hours)

  • 200 Language, Society, and the Mind
  • 300 Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics
  • 405 Phonological Theories
  • 408 Introduction to Syntactic Theory
  • 406 Introduction to Historical Linguistics, or 452 Field Methods in Linguistics

Beyond these courses and the other requirements for their BA degrees is added a fifth year, consisting of advanced coursework and a 20-25 page research paper.

Fifth year: (27 credit hours)                             

Fall (12 credit hours)

  • 505 Professional Study of Linguistics
  • 558 Advanced Syntax
  • 553 Advanced Phonology
  • Elective not taken at the undergraduate level (400-level or above)

Spring (12 credit hours)

  • 506 Historical Linguistics (if not taken as 406) or 552 Field Methods (which may be repeated for credit)
  • 2 electives not taken at the undergraduate level (400-level or above)
  • 593 Research in Linguistics (3 credit hours)

Summer (3 credit hours)

  • 593 Research in Linguistics (3 credit hours)