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Standards for the preparation of dissertations, theses and research papers are established by graduate faculty at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and the administration of the Graduate School. All revisions are subject to the approval of the Graduate School (Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of Dissertations, Theses, and Research Papers).

Dissertations and theses written at SIUC may be checked out at Morris Library if there is a circulating copy available. SIUC dissertations and theses may be searched by title or author on the Morris Library website. You may limit your search by clicking on More Limits and selecting SIUC Theses, Dissertations, and Research Papers.

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Gonzalez, Aleesandria - Evaluating the Cognitive Drivers and Deterrents of Adaptation in the Iowa-Cedar Watershed

Ryherd, Julia - Quantifying the Rates and Spatial Distribution of Recent Sedimentation Within the Hydrologically Connected Floodplains of the Middle Mississippi River, USA, Using Digital Elevation Models and Dendrogeomorphology



Benbella, Diane - An Evaluation and Analysis of Urban Expansion of Kampala from 1995 to 2015

Deitz, Shiloh - A Spatial Analysis of the Relationship Between Obesity and the Built Environment in Southern Illinois

Fučík, Daniel - Effects of the Changing Climate on Hydropower Production in the Sacramento River Watershed and California's Electricity Prices

Lukancic, Khara - Sensitivity of Strong Extratropical Cyclones to Large-Scale Climate Variability in the Contiguous United States

Mohamed, Tarig - Monitoring and Analyzing of Desertification Trend in North Sudan Using MODIS Images from 2000 to 2014

Polk, Brandon - Modeling Naturally Occurring Wildfires Across the US Using Niche Modeling



Haldeman, Brooke - Influence of Synoptic Scale Circulation on Temperature and Equivalent Temperature Extremes in Chicago, IL (1948-2014)

Larimore, Ryan - Empirical Analysis of Descendant Insurance as a Driver of Demographic Transition

Rushing, Ann - The Potential for Reconnection on the Lower Illinois River

Schauwecker, Karen - Organized Garden Projects as Multifunctional Sites: A Case Study of Carbondale, IL

Stuurman, Andisiwe - An Assessment of Abandoned Mine Reclamation in South Africa Using a Survey of Environmental Experts

Suiter, Ashley - Remote Sensing Based Detection of Forested Wetlands: An Evaluation of LIDAR, Aerial Imagery, and Their Data Fusion



Bonney, Makayla J. - An Empirical Analysis of the Role of Geography in Sustainability Education (Duram)

Feng, Guanling - Monitoring Drought Intensity in Illinois with a Combined Index (Wang)

Klein, Sydney - The Role of University Food Gardens in Higher Education Sustainability (Duram)

Lampo, Miles - A Validation Study of the North Carolina Rapid Field-based Rating System for Discriminating Flow Permanence Classes of Headwater Streams in Agriculture Basins in Southern Illinois (Remo)

Lopeman, Brooke - Campus Recycling -- Influences and Decisions (Therrell)

Mahgoub, Mohamed - New Multiple-Scale Technique for the Assessment of Relative Flood Vulnerability

Shrestha, Samir - Sensitivity of Hazus-MH Flood Loss Estimates to Selection of Building Parameters: Two Illinois Case Studies

Turner, Christine - Planning an Agritourism Event in Southern Illinois: A Case Study of the Neighborhood Co-op Grocery Fall Farm Crawl (Duram)

Wang, Chen - Simulation and Evaluation of Stream Flow and Pesticide Prediction in Orestima Creek Watershed Using the AnnAGNPS Model (Oyana)



Berakhi, Robel - Implication of Human Activities on Land Use Land Cover Dynamics in Kagera Catchment, East Africa (Oyana)

Heern, Zachary - Investigating Trends in Lower Tropospheric Heat Content and Heat Waves Over the Central USA Using Equivalent Temperature(1951-2011) (Schoof)

Gaspard, Guetchine - Flood Loss Estimate Model:  Recasting Flood Disaster Assessment and Mitigation for Haiti, the Case of Gonaives (Oyana)

Johnson, Andrew - A Regression Metamodel to Replace SWAT in Crop Yield Prediction for Big Creek Watershed (Lant)

Mack, Johannes - The Cryosphere and North Atlantic Tropial Cyclone Activity: Statistical Forecasting and Physical Mechanisms (Schoof)

McLeran, Kerry - Oxygen Isotope Analysis in Tree-Rings of Pterocarous Angolensis Growing in Zimbabwe (Therrell)

Murphy, Dana - Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cumulative Disturbance Impacts Due to Military Training on Land Condition (Wang)

Remane, Ivan - Analysis of Annual Growth Patterns of Millettia Stuhlmannii, in Mozambique (Therrell)

Shah, Kushendra Narayan - Multi-Scale Mapping and Accuracy Assessment of Leaf Area Index for Vegetation Study in Southern Illinois (Wang)

Treviño-Peña, Melva - Analyzing Changes in the Beef Cattle Ranching Communities of Acatic and Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco, Mexico Related to Land Cover and Climate Variability (Duram)

VanPelt, Alex - Response to Flood Hazards: Assessing Community Factors that Affect the Decision to Relocate (Duram)



Barrett, William - Southern Illinois GIS Mapping for Next Generation 9-1-1 Based on NENA Standard Data Format (Wang)

Davis, Deidra D. - Access to Fresh Foods: Socio-Economic Characteristics of Illinois Farmers' Markets Participating in Government Funded Food Assistance Programs (Duram)

Dhungel, Ravi - Web Mapping and Application Towards a Cloud: Enabling a WebGIS Prototype in an Open Source Environment (Schoof)

Fisher, Samuel - Improving the Reliability of Wind Power Through Spatially Distributed Wind Generation (Schoof)

Oller, Adam - Automatic Mapping of Off-Road Vehicle Trails and Paths at Fort Riley Installation, Kansas (Wang)

Romano, Anthony - Spatial Distribution of Non-Native Invasive Plants Following Large-Scale Wind Damage at LaRue Pine Hills-Otter Pond Research Natural Area, Union County, Illinois (Therrell)

Weston, William C. - A Spatial Analysis of Invasive Breast Cancer Clusters in Association with Environmental Risk Factors: Illinois 1996 to 2000 (Oyana)

Williams, Laura L. - Evaluating the Long-Term Sustainability of L.O.G.I.C.: The Student Organic Garden at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Duram)



Barro, Alassane S. - Using Geographic Information Systems for Onchocerciasis Control in Africa: Case of Ghana and Burundi (Oyana)

Bedi, Carissa - Ecotourism in Bocas Del Toro, Panama: The Perceived Effects of Macro-Scale Laws and Programs on the Socio-Economic and Environmental Development of Micro-Scale Ecotourism Operations (Weinert)

Fleming, Andrew - Forest Carbon Mapping and Spatial Uncertainty Analysis: Combining National Forest Inventory Data and Landsat TM Images (Wang)

Jablonski, Daniel - An Assessment of CWA Section 303(d) Prioritization of Impaired Water Bodies in Illinois (Dziegielewski)

Kareddula, Sharon - Monitoring and Quantifying the Environmental Change Detection of Lake Kolleru and the Surrounding Mandals Using Remote Sensing Techniques (Dziegielewski)

Lewis, Patrici - Using a GIS-Based Approach and Wind Rose to Determine Runway Effectiveness and Study the Impacts of O'Hare Chicago International Airport (Oyana)

Mann, David - Determining Optimal Locations for New Wind Energy Development in Iowa (Lant)

Mead, Amber - Assessing the Integration of Domestic Fair Trade into Consumer Food Cooperatives in the United States (Duram)

Waggoner, Sarah - Effects of Repetitive, Small Magnitude Earthquakes on Groundwater Chemistry in Faulkner County, Arkansas (Dziegielewski)

Wagner, Audrey Romaine -Investigating Climatic Drivers of the Warming Hole Through Empirical Downscaling of Eastern US Summertime Maximum Temperatures(Schoof)



KC, Binita - Illinois Statewide Healthcare and Education Mapping (Wang)

Longbucco, Nicholas - Impacts of Small Water Bodies on the Hydrological Response of Small Agricultural Watersheds (Dziegielewski)

Mundia, Clara - Assessing the Reliability of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use in Western Kenya (Dziegielewski)

Singer, Steven - Assessment of Cumulative Training Impacts for Sustainable Military Land Carrying Capacity & Environment: Quantifying Quality of Environment & Landscape (Wang)

Wilke, Eric - The Influence of Geography and Physical Ecology on Economic Development (Oyana)



Ayala, Kristen - Regional Comparative Analysis of Per Capita Residential Water Use in Northeastern and East-Central Illinois (B. Dziegielewski)

Bialecki, Emma - A Dendrochronological Assessment of Overcup Oak (Quercus lyrata) and Oak Response to Flooding in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest (M. Therrell)

Burks, Tawane - A Critical Evaluation of GIS Enterprise Model for a Medium-Sized City: A Case of Louisville, Kentucky (T. Oyana)

Clauson, Karen - Measuring Trends in Riverbed Gradation: A Lower Mississippi River Case Study (C. Lant)

Johnson, Sara - An Evaluation of Land Change Modeler for ARCGIS for the Ecological Analysis of Landscape Composition (T. Oyana)

Jones, Adam - Geographic Analysis of Wireless Broadband Internet Access in Rural Communities: A GIS Case Study of Southern Illinois (T. Oyana)

Kozak, Justin - Geography of Ecosystem Service Value: The Case of the Des Plaines and Cache River Wetlands, Illinois (C. Lant)

Lemrise, Aimee - Geographical Assessment of Farmers Market Consumers in Southern Illinois (L. Duram)

Surprenant, Jeremy L. - A Synoptic Climatology of Wildfires in the Central Hardwood Region of the Midwestern United States (J. Schoof)

Van Matre, Randy - NRCS Program Activity in the TMDL Watershed of Butchers Branch Western Kentucky (B. Dziegielewski)


Thomas, Terri - Spatial & Temporal Land use Change in Southern Illinois' Clear Springs & Bald Knob Wilderness Areas (L. Duram)



Adeyemo, Adesola - Assessing Environmental Protection and Management Systems in West Africa: A Case Study of Nigeria (L. Duram)

Buchman, Monique - Land Use Modeling Using Higher Order Markov Chains (C. Lant)

Flaherty, Daniel K. - Assessing Barriers to the Implementation of GIS Technology in Precision Agriculture (L. Duram)

Guajardo, Olga - A Critical Assessment of Geographic Clusters of Breast and Lung Cancer Incidences Among Residents Living Near the Tittabawassee River, Michigan (T. Oyana)

Horrie, Mitchell G. - Stakeholder Collaboration in Suburban Prairie Restoration: Three Case Studies from Cook County, Illinois (L. Duram)

Malik, Yousif - Effectiveness of Urban & Rural Water Infrastructure Systems in Watershed (B. Dziegielewski)

Millar, Jack W. - Beer Fronts and Crime Waves: An Analysis of Weather, Alcohol and Violent Crimes (T. Oyana)

Nichols, Marcus C. - Land Use and Ownership Change Affecting Deer Hunting in Southern Illinois (L. Duram)

Paiboonvorachat, Chamaporn - Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Assess Land Use/Land Cover Changes in the Nan Watershed, Thailand (T. Oyana)

Spaulding, Janel - Fishermen's Evaluation of the Management of Fisheries in the Puget Sound, Washington (B. Dziegielewski)


Pease, Michael - Analysis of Constraints to Water Marketing and an Evaluation of Select Techniques to Facilitate Market-Based Reallocations (B. Hooper)



Bohn, Christiane - Welcoming the Wind: The Political Process for Geographic Siting of Wind Turbine Farms in the U.S. (C. Lant)

Fritsche, Jessica - Living on a Mississippi Floodplain: Rural Occupants' Perspective(B. Dziegielewski)

Murdock-Lewis, Andrea - Conservation Reserve and Enhancement Program: Lessons Learned on the Illinois River with Application to the Kaskaskia River Watershed (C. Lant)

Scott, Kara E. - Evaluating an Improved Algorithm for Segregating Large Geospatial Data (T. Oyana)

Weiand, Michael - An Evaluation of Interoperability Challenges in Location-Based Technologies & Related Web Services with Implications for GIScience (T. Oyana)


Dai, Dajun Exploring the Computational and Implementation Characteristics of an Improved Genetic Algorithm for Cluster Detection (T. Oyana)



Brookman, Andrew - The Investigation of Three Midwestern National Forests for Possible Habitat and Current Management Strategies of Mountain Lion (L. Duram)

Bhatt, Lalit - Investigating the Appropriateness of Gastner-Newman's Cartogram Versus Conventional Maps in Visual Representation and Modelling of Health Data(T. Oyana)

Blazevic, Antonio - Using Location-Allocation to optimize the Location of Fire Tanker Airbases in California (W. Sun)

Clark Gaffney, Jessica - Tracking Lyme Disease: A Hybrid Approach to Assess Potential Locations of Risk in Jackson County (T. Oyana)

McDonald, Patrick - Habitat Affiliations of Sympatric Carnivores in Southern Illinois(T. Oyana)

Nelson, Matthew S. - An Evaluation of Post-Flood Land Acquisition Programs in South Texas (L. Duram)

Singh, Payal - Accounting for Spatial Variations using Spatial Autocorrelation and Fuzzy Classifiers Algorithm (T. Oyana)

Sirikulchayanon, Poothip - Assessing the Impacts of the 2004 Tsunami on Mangroves Using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques: A Case Study of Phang Nga Thailand (T. Oyana)

Weekley, Sharon - Commodity Flows and Navigation Improvements on the Ohio River Inland Waterway System (B. Dziegielewski)


Jaber, Salahuddin - Monitoring Spatial Variations in Soil Organic Carbon Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (C. Lant)

Ruhl, John Benjamin - The Law and Policy of Ecosystem Services (C. Lant)

Shcherbaniuk, Mykola - Modeling Land Use and Cover Change: Predicting Re-Enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program Using GIS and Data Mining Procedures (B. Dziegielewski)



Acord, Andrew - The Geography of the Illinois Viticulture Industry: A Survey of Information and Education (L. Duram)

Bloom, Shauna - State Support of Certified Organic Agriculture in Twelve Midwestern States (L. Duram)

Eidem, Nathan - Directors' Perceptions of Public Participation in Groundwater Management of the Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (B. Hooper)

Pande, Archana - Habitat Modeling to Assess the Risk of Invasion by Celastrus Orbiculatus on Public Lands in Southern Illinois (C. Lant)

Roark, Douglas - Heavy Snowfalls in the Southern Illinois Region: An Analysis of Causal Parameters (J. Underwood)


Heine, Reuben - Modeling incision of tributaries from Missouri River degradation: Gavins Point Dam to Platte River confluence (C. Lant)

Huang, Yong - A Comparative Study of Downstream Flows and Ecologic Impacts of Hydropower Dams (B. Dziegielewski



Byrne, Paul Patterns and Processes of Channel Incision in the Big Muddy River (C. Lant)

Kolappal, Anaz - Conceptual Improvements on the Isarithm and Prism Methods to Estimate Fractal Dimension of Surfaces from Remote Sensing Images (W. Sun)

Kordecki, Kristen - Occurrence of Celastrus Orbiculatus in Forest Ecosystems of Southern Illinois (W. Sun)

Schultz, Michael - Using Cloud to Ground Lightning as an Indicator of Debris Flow and Flash Flood Producing Storms in a Post Wildfire Environment (J. Underwood)


Bik, Thomas - Analysis of Costs, Affordability, Reliability and Regulatory Compliance in Small Community Water Systems in the Midwestern U.S. (B. Dziegielewski)

Coulibaly, Mamadou - Identification of Urban Flash Flood Areas: GIS Assessment vs. Perception by Residents (B. Dziegielewski

Kiefer, Jack - Evaluation of Water Ratemaking Practices in Rate Structure Complexity in Illinois Community Water Systems (B. Dziegielewski

Yang, Xiaoying Analysis of Thermoelectric Water Use in the United States (B. Dziegielewski)



Baron, Michael - A Study of Undergraduate Students' Enviromental Attitudes: The New Ecological Paradigm Scale (L. Duram)

Miehle, Christopher - Perceptions of Global Climate Change Among University Student Groups (L. Duram)

Misgna, Girmay - Spatial Decision Support System for Watershed Non Point Source Pollution (C. Lant)

Paluzzi, Michael - Testing a Heuristic Location-Allocation Model for Siting an Emergency Management Facility (R. Sengupta)

Yates, Emily D. - Recruitment of Three Non-native Invasive Plants into Fragmented Forests of Southern Illinois (D. Levia)



Broadnax, Tamara K. - Adoption of Water Conservation Programs by Small Community Water Systems (B. Dziegielewski)

Chen, Yan - Building of a Spatio-Temporal Data Model (R. Sengupta)

Christiansen, William - Identifying Barriers to Organic Agriculture in the Corn Belt: A Study of Conventional Farmers in Livingston County, Illinois (L. Duram)

Karimushan, Syeda Fareeza - Spatial Variability of North Atlantic Basin Hurricanes in Relation to El Nino Southern Oscillation (R. Sengupta)

Radhakrishnan, Prem - A Spatial Decision Support System for Evaluation of Agricultural Acreage in Well Head Protection Areas (R. Sengupta)


Lazdinis, Marius - Facilitating Sustainable Forest Development: Comparative Analysis of Post-Soviet Forest Politics in the Baltic States (J. Phelps, A. Carver)

Williams, Carol L. - Distribution of Migratory Land Birds Among Forest Patches in Southern Illinois During Spring Stopover (D. Sharpe)


Heine, Reuben - Two New Automated Methods for Stream Channel Extraction Using Multivariate Channel Source Approximation (C. Lant)

Larson, Bradley D. - A Spatial Decision Support System Capable of Applying Species-Specific Viability Parameters to National Gap Analysis Program Datasets(R. Sengupta)

Luo, Cheng - Building of an Efficient Temporal Geographic Information System Data Model (R. Sengupta)

McGowan, Vincent - Analysis of Factors Impacting the Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Lands (C. Lant)

Ray, Christina - Land Use Change in the Cypress Quadrangle, Illinois: 1807, 1938, and 1993 (L. Duram)

Treasure, Allison - Analysis of Urban Consumer Water-Use Behavior Under Rationing Conditions in Kingston (B. Dziegielewski)



Bradshaw, Katherine R. - Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Agricultural Zoning in Illinois Counties (L. Duram)

Dong, Zhiyuan - A Statistical Analysis of Factors Impacting Grain Production in P.R. China (B. Dziegielewski)

Gantt, Stephen D. - Perceptions of Wilderness Management Attributes: A Study of Wilderness Users (L. Duram)

Shockey, Rhett N. - The Potential of Pigouvian Taxes and Tradable Pollution Permits to Control Water Pollution from Agricultural Activities (C. Lant)

Weihn, John - Community Preparedness for Railroad Hazardous Materials Emergencies (D. Arey)

Weiss, Alfred W. - Operation and Maintenance of On-Site Wastewater Systems: An Assessment of Homeowner Knowledge and Behavior Within the Lake Kinkaid Watershed Region (B. Dziegielewski)


Loftus, Timothy - Predicting Land Use: The CRP and Environmental Resources in a Southern Illinois Watershed (C. Lant)

Sengupta, Raja - A Distributed Intelligent Geographical Modeling Environment for Spatial Decision Support (D. Sharpe)