Graduate Studies in Geography and Environmental Resources

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

2013 graduates

Graduate Studies in Geography and Environmental Resources

Overview of Graduate Studies

Master of Science in Geography and Environmental Resources with a concentration in:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)

The Department of Geography and Environmental Resources at SIU Carbondale can help you prepare for a career in water resource planning, rural land use planning, natural resource and environmental policy analysis, and environmental systems analysis and geographic information systems. As a graduate of the geography program, you will understand how public policies concerning resource use are developed; how plans for water resources development and environmental management are formulated; how to determine community responses to natural hazards; how climate impacts human activities; how to balance supply and demand for water and electricity; and how physical environment systems function to produce the resources on which society depends.

The department offers a program that leads to the Master of Science degree in geography. Geography is the discipline that deals with the relationship between human beings and their environment. The Department of Geography emphasizes the applied aspects of this theme, environmental analysis, planning, and management. The graduate program includes several dimensions of this emphasis, e.g., the role of resources in economic development and regional planning from physical/biological, technological, socioeconomic, policy, and spatial viewpoints. Students take courses that give them a foundation in these dimensions of environmental planning and management through a core program, then develop an area of strength within this theme. Students also develop the analytic and research skills appropriate to their emphasis.

The graduate program stresses a problem-solving perspective, for which habits of critical analysis and dialogue are essential. Students take the initiative in designing and carrying out their programs with the guidance of an advisory committee and the departmental faculty. Geography maintains major linkages with many other departments. Courses and faculty expertise in other departments complement those in geography, and students are encouraged to take advantage of this. Each student's progress is assessed at regular intervals by the faculty, and the student is notified of the faculty's assessment. The student is expected to show continued progress in carrying out the program of study, and in developing habits of scholarship and professionalism.