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Arey award winner with Schoof and Therrell

David G. Arey Memorial Award

In 2001, we lost one of our distinguished professors. In his honor the David G. Arey Memorial Endowment Fund was established at the SIU Foundation to award Masters students with theses displaying creative thinking in natural resources and environmental problem solving.

Recipients of the monetary award are:

  • 2018 – Julia Ryherd, “Quantifying the Rates and Spatial Distribution of Recent Sedimentation with the Hydrologically Connected Floodplains of the Middle Mississippi River, USA, Using Digital Elevation Models and Dendrogeomorphology
  • 2017 - Aleesandria Gonzalez, "Evaluating the Conginitive Drivers and Deterrents of Adaptation in the Iowa-Cedar Watershed"
  • 2016 - Shiloh Dietz, "A Spatial Analysis of the Relationship Between Obesity and the Built Environment in southern Illinois"
  • 2015 - Ashley Suiter, "Remote Sensing Based Detection of Forested Wetlands: An Evaluation of LiDAR, Aerial Imagery, and Their Data Fusion"
  • 2014 - Zachary Heern, "Investigating Trends in Lower Tropospheric Heat Content and Heat Waves Over the Central USA Using Equivalent Temperature (1951-2011)."
  • 2013 - Kerry McLeran, "Oxygen Isotope Analysis in Tree-Rings of Pterocarous Angolensis Growing in Zimbabwe"
  • 2012 - David Mann, "Determining Optimal Locations for New Wind Energy Development in Iowa"
  • 2011 - Amber Mead, "Assessing the Integration of Domestic Fair Trade into Consumer Food Cooperatives in the United States"
  • 2010 - Eric Wilke, "The Influence of Geography and Physical Ecology on Economic Development," Tonny Oyana, Advisor
  • 2009 - Aimee Lemrise, "Geographical Assessment of Farmers Market Consumers in Southern Illinois," Leslie Duram, Advisor
  • 2008 - Mitchell Horrie, "Stakeholder Collaboration in Suburban Prairie Restoration: Three Case Studies from Cook County, Illinois," Leslie Duram, Advisor
  • 2007 - Kara E. Scott, "Evaluating an Improved Algorithm for Segregating Large Geospatial Data," Tonny Oyana, Advisor
  • 2006 - Poonthip Sirikulchayanon, "Assessing the Impacts of the 2004 Tsunami on Mangroves Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques:  A Case Study of Phang Nga, Thailand," Wanxiao Sun, Advisor
  • 2005 - Michael Schultz, "Using Cloud to Ground Lightning as an Indicator of Debris Flow and Flash Flood Producing Storms in a Post Wildfire Environment," S. Jeffrey Underwood, Advisor
  • 2004 - Emily D. Yates, "Recruitment of Three Non-native Invasive Plants into Fragmented Forests of Southern Illinois," Del Levia, Advisor
  • 2003 - Bradley D. Larson, "A Spatial Decision Support System Capable of Applying Species-Specific Viability Parameters to National Gap Analysis Program Datasets," Raja Sengupta, Advisor
  • 2002 - Reuben Heine, "Two New Automated Methods for Stream Channel Extraction Using Multivariate Channel Source Approximation," Christopher Lant, Advisor
  • 2002 - Christina Ray, "Land Use Change in the Cypress Quadrangle, Illinois: 1807, 1938, and 1993," Leslie A. Duram, Advisor

    Professor David G. Arey's Endowment Benefits Geography Students

David G. Arey, professor emeritus, former Chair of the Department of Geography and former Assistant Director of the SIU Coal Research Center passed away at the age of 64. Dr. Arey began his career at Southern Illinois University in 1971 when he moved from Pittsburgh to Carbondale for a faculty position in the Department of Geography. He served as Chairman of the Geography Department from 1982 until 1986, then as Assistant Director of the SIU Coal Research Center until his death in June, 2001. He also continued to teach until spring 2000.

Dr. Arey participated in dozens of student and faculty committees at SIU, of particular note was his coordination of the SIUC Advisory Committee on the planning of Cedar Lake for the City of Carbondale. From 1989 to 2000 he served as Adjunct Faculty to the University of Chicago and as Consultant to the Environmental Sciences and Information Services Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Beginning with his dissertation in 1968, he published a large quantity of research on the geography of natural resources in five books and numerous articles, professional journals, and reports.

Dr. Arey textured his role as a mentor to students developing their careers in geography and related fields. Over three decades, he served as a Graduate Student Advisor and Chaired numerous PhD and MA/MS committees. As a teacher and advisor, he influenced the education and futures of thousands of students. Outside his work with the university, David developed a strong commitment to bettering the community he had made his home serving Southern Illinois and the state as a whole in a variety of capacities.

A memorial fund has been established by Dr. Arey's family and friends to benefit the Department of Geography in David's name. The David G. Arey Award recognizes creative problem solving in the natural resources and environmental field demonstrated in a MS thesis. 

Alumni and friends who would like to honor Dr. Arey may send contributions to:

David G. Arey Endowment Fund 
SIU Foundation 
Colyer Hall 
Mailcode 6805 
Carbondale IL 62901