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Excellence in Anthropology Award

The Department each year gives awards to graduating Senior Anthropology majors with outstanding grade point averages. (No application necessary)

Excellence in Anthropology Honors 2021

Samantha E. Langford

My name is Samantha Langford, my interests include weightlifting, bowling, archery and baking which I like to do on my free time whenever I am not working. After I graduate from SIU with a degree in biological anthropology, I will continue my studies in grad school to become a forensic anthropologist and continue my education in medical school with hopes of becoming a medical examiner. This has been one of my greatest academic achievements thus far and I feel honored to be given such recognition. Thank you.

Excellence in Anthropology High Honors 2021

Kyleigh DiGiovanniKyleigh A. DiGiovanni

Kyleigh DiGiovanni comes from a suburb in Richmond, Virginia. From an early age, Kyleigh has been fascinated by different cultures, especially ancient cultures, such as the Ancient Egyptians and mummies. Kyleigh’s mom attributes this to the fact that before she was 6 months of age, she had been to a special exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art featuring the art of King Tut at least 10 times. Kyleigh declared an anthropology major as a freshman. After her freshman year, Kyleigh went to Italy to study at the University of Pisa, cleaning and characterizing bones from the 13th century and Kyleigh was hooked on osteo-archeology.