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2016 Field School

SIU summer archaeological field methods course, excavations at Kincaid Indian Mounds.

This summer we returned to a part of the site known as the “Fluorite Workshop” because of the abundance of fluorite debris and the tiny stone tools used to make fluorite beads.  Our work here last summer led to a display in the University Museum this past winter. Last summer we excavated one building that had been used as a craft workshop, particularly for crafting beads and other items out of fluorite although other raw materials were also worked there. Our research this summer was simply “what else is there in this part of the site?” Although we have still explored only a small percentage of the Fluorite Workshop area, our answer from this summer’s work is “more of the same.” We found another building that was nearly identical to the one excavated last summer, with exactly the same kinds of construction details and artifacts as the one from last summer.

Use the side arrows in the images below to navigate our Flickr album from the Summer Field Methods Course, or click in the center of the image to open the album in a new window with image captions and more information:

Archaeology Field School Course