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Anthropology provides capable students with an intensive program emphasizing early integration into upper division coursework. This major is appropriate for the outstanding liberal arts student seeking a distinctive program, with a particular strength in preparing outstanding students for continued graduate studies in Anthropology. Grades below C in Anthropology courses will not be accepted as fulfilling major requirements.

The student is expected to gain a broad background in all subfields, after which the options of further general study or specialization are available. Students are encouraged to supplement their anthropological studies with work in other social sciences, and where appropriate in biology, earth sciences, humanities, mathematics, or other areas.

An anthropology major is required to take Anthropology 240 A, B, C, D, and one each of the 310/ 328 and 410 course series. Anthropology seniors are required to participate in the Senior Seminar (ANTH 480), usually held each semester. No more than six hours of Anthropology 460 (independent study) can be applied toward the major. Students must complete at least 9 hours of 300- and 400- level classes in Anthropology in addition to the four core courses (ANTH 240A, B, C, D).

Students with exceptional scholarly promise may be invited into the Anthropology honors program, which includes the writing of an honors thesis during the senior year under the direction of an Anthropology faculty member.