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Vytis Ciubrinskas

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Head of the Center of Social Anthropology

Professor, Department of Sociology

Vytautas Magnus University
Donelaicio street 52
LT 44244 Kaunas, Lithuania

Dr. Čiubrinskas is a Social Anthropologist. He earned his Ph.D. at the Vilnius University in Ethnology and History (1993), and is currently a Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas and an Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vilnius University, both in Lithuania as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University. Previously, Čiubrinskas worked as a Research Curator for the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture (1982-1988) and as a Research Assistant at the Lithuanian National Museum (1979-1982). His principal research has been social anthropology, ethnicity, migration and politics of identity along with anthropological theory, history and politics of the discipline. Čiubrinskas currently is the principle coordinator of a research project titled, "The Impact of Globalization and Transnationalism on the Fragmentation of State and National Identity (LIVE)" which is funded by the Research Council of Lithuania.

Research Interests

Social Anthropology; Migration; Transnationalism and diaspora; Ethnicity; Identity Politics and Cosmopolitanism; Heritage and Social Memory; Anthropology of Post-socialism; Epistemology and the Politics of the Discipline of Sociocultural Anthropology.

Fieldwork Conducted and Geographical Focus:
-North America (USA)
-Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Russia)
-South Asia (India)

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  • Anth 485: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration in a Post-Socialist World

Recent Fieldwork

Dr. Ciubrinskas is leading a fieldwork based ethno-historical project on forced migration which focuses on the patterns of cultural heritage as well as collective identity and memory among the descendants of the Lithuanians deported in 1863 by Czar Russia to the trans-Volga step area on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan.

He is also involved in the international project led by the University of Mainz, Germany on remigrations and the transformation processes in ten post-socialist European regions in regard to integration and “othering” of returning migrants, like Aussiedler in the Central and Eastern European countries. 

Selected Publications

2015 (forthcoming) Between National Tradition and Human Condition Studies: Politics, Methodology and Epistemology of the Discipline(s) amidst Post-socialist Change. Teaching Anthropology. Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute.

2015 (forthcoming) Transnational Chicago: The Local and Trans-local Networks and Loyalties of Post-Socialist Lithuanian Immigrants. Diogenes. Special Issue on “Placing Urban Anthropology” ,  edited by I. Pardo, G. Prato and W. Kaltenbacher. 

2013  Diaspora as a Resource of Homeland Nationalism forged Overseas and Contested Back Home. In Diasporas as a Resource. Comparative Studies in Strategies, Networks and Urban Space, edited by W. Kokot, Ch. Giordano and M. Gandelsman-Trier, pp. 105- 122. Wien, Berlin: LIT Verlag,

2010  Forging (ethno) Nationalist Sentiment through Time and Space: Revivalist and Diasporic Ways of Accommodating Multiculturalism in East Europe and in the USA. In  From Palermo to Penang.  A Journey into Political Anthropology/ , edited by F. Ruegg and A. Boscoboinik, pp. 103-118. Wien, Berlin: LIT Verlag. 

2010  “Identity Politics: Migration, Communities, and Multilingualism”. Special Issue of Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis: Studia Anthropologica, vol. 20(4), edited by V. Čiubrinskas and R. Sliuzinskas. Klaipeda University Press.

2009  “Identity Politics: Histories, Regions and Borderlands”. Special Issue of Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis: Studia Anthropologica, vol.19( 3), edited by V. Čiubrinskas and R. Sliužinskas. Klaipeda University Press.

2009 Reclaiming European Heritages of Transatlantic Migration: The Politics of Identity of East European Immigrants to the U.S.A.  Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, 18(2): 50-68.

2009 Diasporas Coming Home: Identity and Uncertainty of the Transnational Returnees in Postcommunist Lithuania. In Postsocialist Europe : Anthropological Perspectives from Home. Edited by L. Kürti and P. Skalník, pp. 95-117. New York, Oxford: Berghahn Books.

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2009 “Alternative Modernities: Tradition, Identity and Discourse”. Special Issue of Lithuanian Ethnology: Studies in Social Anthropology and Ethnology, vol. 9(18), edited by V. Čiubrinskas.

2000 Identity and Revival of Tradition in Lithuania: an Insider's View  Folk. Journal of the Danish Ethnographic Society, vol. 42, pp. 19-40.