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Vytis Ciubrinskas

Adjunct Associate Professor

Email: vciubrin@siu.edu 
Phone: 618-0453-5023
Office location: Faner 3536
Vytautas Magnus University
Center of Social Anthropology
Kaunas, Lithuania

Vytis Ciubrinskas, Ph.D. 1993, Vilnius University, currently is a Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology at the Vytautas Magnus University. He has teaching experience from the UK, USA and Switzerland.

In 2012-2014 he was leading a comparative research project on the impact of globalization and transnationalism on ethnic minority, borderland and diasporic cases in the UK, USA, Poland, and Lithuania; in 2014-2019 was engaged in international project on transnational families in the Baltic-Nordic migration space. In 2020-2022 he is leading an international project on return migration and social remittances in Croatia, Lithuania, Poland.
He wrote a book on anthropological theory, co-authored a book on globalization and transnationalism from ethnic minority, borderland, and diasporic perspectives, edited a volume on comparative identity politics, citizenship, and transnationalism of the East European immigrants in the USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Norway and guest-edited (in 2018) a special issue of Ethnologie Francaise and widely publishing his research in peer-reviewed journals and books.

Editorial board member of: Anthropological Journal of European Cultures; Urbanities: Journal of Urban Ethnography; Lithuanian Ethnology: Studies in Social Anthropology and Ethnology; Philosophy/Sociology.


- Migration, (trans)nationalism and diaspora
- Ethnicity, identity politics and social networks
- Heritage and social memory
- Epistemology and the politics of sociocultural anthropology

Fieldwork Conducted and Geographical Focus:
- North America (USA – Southern Illinois, Texas, Chicago)
- Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Russia – Trans-Volga area) -Central Asia (Kazakhstan – Karaganda) -South Asia (India - Punjab)

Research Link:


Anth 485: Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration in a Post-Socialist World
Anth 410: Transnationalism, Ethnicity and Language
Anth 310D / 470D: (Trans)Nationalism and Cultural Identity in Central and Eastern Europe


Since 2009 fieldwork sites are in the areas of forced migration of the Lithuanians exiled, deported and imprisoned by Czar and Soviet Russia (from 1860s - to 1950s) in the trans-Volga steps of Russia and north-eastern Kazakhstan (Karaganda) by focusing on heritage, identity and social memory of generations of descendants.


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