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Ryan Campbell

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Ryan Campbell

Email: rcampb@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-5031
Office location: Faner 3463

I am a biological anthropologist and archaeologist with a specialization in the bioarchaeology of pre- and protohistoric North American populations. I have research interests in human skeletal variation, geophysics, and cultural resource management.  I have a dual role at SIU serving as a Researcher with the Center for Archaeological Investigations as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Anthropology.  My bioarchaeological research focuses on how cultural activities influence skeletal development in past populations.  Currently, I am examining how subsistence activities influence the development of the bones of the arms and legs and how different diets may influence the development of the bones of the skull.  This research provides insight into how our cultural behaviors may affect our biology.  I am also highly involved in archaeological research throughout the Midwestern United States, with projects ranging from the documentation of clandestine graves using geophysical equipment to large-scale cultural resource management projects.  Through this research, I have been able to provide a wide range of research opportunities for the students who work with me. 


Peer-reviewed publications:

Peer-reviewed publications:

2018   Variation in obstetric dimensions of the human bony pelvis in relation to age-at-death and latitude. Am J Phys Anthropol. 2018:1–16. https:// doi.org/10.1002/ajpa.23690 (Coauthored with Benjamin M. Auerbach, Katherine A. King, Ryan M. Campbell, Meadow L. Campbell, Adam D. Sylvester).

2018   Dietary signals in the premolar dentition of primates. J Hum Evol. 121:221-234 (Coauthored with Jeremiah E. Scott, Ryan M. Campbell, Luisa M. Baj, Maegan C. Burns, Mia S. Price, Jaime D. Sykes, Christopher J. Vinyard).

2016   Burial detection using ground penetrating radar in southern Illinois: a comparison of historic cemeteries. Illinois Archaeology, 28:117–130. (Coauthored with Ryan M. Campbell and Nathan J. Meissner).

Technical Reports:

2018   Archaeological Test Investigations at the East St. Louis Armory. Center for Archaeological Investigations. Technical Report 18-4. Submitted to Illinois Army National Guard (Coauthored with Ryan M. Campbell, Mark J. Wagner, and Ayla M. Amadio).

2018   Ground Penetrating Radar Survey at 11W254 Wabash County, Illinois. Center for Archaeological Investigations. Technical Report 18-2. Submitted to American Resources Group.

2018   Archaeological Evaluation of the Carnes Mill Site and Three Sites in the Lick Creek Community, Hoosier National Forest, Crawford and Orange Counties, Indiana.  Center for Archaeological Investigations Technical Report 18-1. (Coauthored with Ryan Campbell, Ayla Amadio, Kayeleigh Sharp, Mark J. Wagner, Nathan Meissner, and David Birnbaum).