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Dedicated in 1975, Faner Hall is the central hub of the College of Liberal Arts. It houses many of the classrooms and learning environments for Core Curriculum courses required across all degrees, making it a lasting backdrop in the memories of all SIU graduates. You might be hard pressed to find a senior on graduation day who won't admit to having been lost at some point in the massive building that stands in the heart of campus.

With a titanic footprint emblematic of the Brutalist architectural period from which it hails, one might say Faner has a "faςade only a mother could love." However, all who enter know the concrete edifice provides meaningful contrast to the luminous disciplines and people housed within its walls.

We're here to help you navigate those notorious hallways and find your path.

Download a printable version of the Faner Hall Map (pdf)

Faner Hall

Faner CirlcesFaner Hall

Building Basics

Faner Hall is divided into three internal sections, or wings, with color-coded doorways:

The southernmost wing of Faner Hall, A-Wing is closest to the Student Center. Office and classroom doors in A-Wing are red.

The middle section of Faner Hall, B-Wing houses not only programs, but also the central CoLA Advisement Office. Office and classroom doors in B-wing are yellow

The northernmost wing of Faner Hall, C-Wing is closest to the circle drive shared by Altgeld Hall and The Old Baptist Foundation. In addition to programs, C-Wing is the home to both the Liberal Arts Dean's Office as well as the University Museum.

Navigating Faner Hall

Faner staircaseRoom numbers in Faner Hall are four-digit numbers. The first (leftmost) number indicates the floor level where the room is located.

The second number from the left indicates the wing in which the room is located (0 or 1 = A-Wing; 2 or 3 = B-Wing; 4 or 5 = C-Wing).

The remaining two numbers on the right indicate direction within that wing. Note: most portions of the second and third floors have both an east hallway and west hallway.

Group outside Faner breezewayUsing this information, we'll provide an example. Pretend you are looking for the Dean's Office, which is located in Faner 2427. The leftmost "2" indicates the room is on the second floor. The next number, "4," indicates that the room is located in C-Wing. So you would go to the second floor of C-Wing to locate the sign for the room number ending in "27."

The Department of Geography and Environmental Resources has created a detailed spatial map of Faner Hall depicting locations by both department hubs and room numbers.