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Upcoming Courses

We publicize some special classes (and other classes where we have spiffy flyers) here. You can, of course, also start a new language each fall semester (you can also start Spanish in the spring) or continue a language you've already started. For details on what you can do with each of our languages, try this link. 

FALL 2017

400-Level Courses in Spanish


Germanic Myths and Legend - FL 200b (PDF)


Business Spanish - SPAN 435

FALL 2016

Film in the 3rd Reich - GER 481 (taught in English)

Ugly Feelings: Affect and the Discourses of Neo-classicism and Romanticism in Spain - SPAN 40/550

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm - FL 200b (taught in English)


Masterpieces in French and Francophone Literatures and Cultures - FL 200a ONLINE

Germanic Myths and Legends (Masterpieces of German Literature) - FL 200b ONLINE


Courses in Classics for spring 2016: a handy PDF listing the days, times, and instructor of record for our Culture, Civilization, and Languages Courses in Classics

Classics Seminar - Topic: Ancient Epic (CLAS 491)

Masterpieces in French and Francophone Literatures and Cultures (FL 200a)

Francophone Litertures (FR 476)

Masterpieces of Oriental Literatures (EA 300)

The Spanish Civil War through Documentary, Film, and Personal Account (SPAN 401/501)

NEW! ONLINE: Conversational Chinese for Beginners (FL 100A)

For our master's students: a list of graduate courses offered spring 2016

FALL 2015

Advanced Chinese through Media (CHIN 305)

Classics Courses: Fall 2015 (list of courses across campus on Classical themes)

East Asian Civilization (EA 102)

Spanish 460/560: La posguerra espanola


French 123A & 123B: Elementary French

Spanish 141A & 141B: Elementary Spanish


Courses in Classics: Language Courses and Culture and Civilization Courses listing

CLAS 315i/950: Classical Themes (Etymology)

EA 370: Modern Chinese Literature and Film: Topics—East Asian Culture. What is modern china in the eyes of writers and filmmakers? How do authors depict love, vengeance, loyalty, and identity crisis in the time of war and revolution? Join us in discovering major literary pieces of feature films from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan throughout the 20th century. Contact Fang-yu Li for further information.

FL 200b: The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

FALL 2014

CLAS 130A - Elementary Greek


CLAS 230 - Classical Mythology

CLA 491 - Trojan War Tragedies

SPAN 304 - Hispanic Cinema for Conversation

Ancient Courses - Days and times for Culture and Civilization Courses: CLAS 230: Classical Mythology (core currriculum); HIS 412a: Empire and Social Conflict in the Roman Republic; PHIL 470a/581: Plato; and CLAS 491: Trojan War Tragedies - Language courses: CLAS 133b: Elementary Latin and CLAS 202b: Intermediate Latin: Ovid

FL 200b - Grimms' Fairy Tales, Core II Course

French courses - spring semester

FR 435 - Life and Work in France