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Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

To request approval for a minor in Psychology or Neuroscience meet with YOUR advisor. Ask them to add it to your Degee Works.

Requirements for a Minor in Psychology

A minor in Psychology requires the successful completion of at least 15 semester hours (five courses) in Psychology. 

  • 15 credits (5 courses) from Groups A, B, C, or D
  • No more than 6 credits of 391, 392, 393, or 394 can count toward the minor
  • Average GPA of 2.0 or above in Psychology courses
  • Courses in other departments (such as Counseling or Educational Psychology) do not fulfill minor requirements
  • Courses must have a PSYC prefix

No more than two transfer courses can count toward a minor.

Students completing a minor in Psychology and planning to teach Psychology in the State of Illinois must complete a minimum of 20 semester credit hours in Psychology.

Requirements for a Minor in Neuroscience

A minor in Neuroscience requires the successful completion of at least 19 semester hours in Psychology courses. PSYC 302, PSYC 415, and PSYC 392 (6 credit hours) OR PSYC 499A and 499B are required. (Total of 13 credit hours combined.) PSYC 392 and 499 A/B must be completed in an approved lab. Students must receive a C or better in both PSYC 302 and PSYC 415. Students must also complete six (6) credit hours of approved elective courses, and one course must be at the 400 level. Current approved electives are: PSYC 222, 304, 308, 309, 310, 312, 314, 331, 402, 416, 417, 419, and 489 (with approval from the Neuroscience Minor Coordinator, Dr. Michael Hylin). Minor courses must have a combined GPA of 2.0 or better. No more than two transfer courses can count toward the minor.