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Student Spotlights 2016-17

Jackie Blackburn


Jackie Blackburn

Laguna Hills, CA

BA Music / Dental Hygiene

Music and... Dental Hygiene! Jackie is in the studio of Dr. Doug Worthen. My dream job is to be a dental hygienist, flute pedagogue and performer. Music is something that has always been a part of my life. That's why I chose to pursue a double major with music. Even though that can be very full profile >>

Yazmin Celaya


Yazmin Celaya

North Aurora, IL


Music and... Finance! Yazmin is a drum major in the Marching Salukis! My dream job is to be a Chief Financial Officer. Playing music keeps me connected to my passion. Music is an outlet for emotions and lets me express myself. I want to give lessons on my instrument to help others and possibly join full profile >>

Matthew Grammer


Matthew Grammer

Colorado Springs, CO

BM — Performance; Pre-Med track

Matthew is in the studio of Mr. Michael Barta. My dream job is to be a doctor. Music at SIU helps me return to my roots. Any time that classes or work start to over stress me, I know that I can find refuge in music and in a practice room. I came to SIU because of the stellar professors in the music full profile >>