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About Our Program

The Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade offers both a traditional and accelerated Master of Arts degree in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures with a specialization in Spanish. The degree program includes courses in literature, culture, linguistics, translation, and pedagogy, and allows for considerable breadth of study while offering a well-balanced degree plan. Additionally we offer a low student-faculty ratio (about 5-to-1) and several competitive teaching assistantships that include a tuition waiver.

The traditional MA allows students to complete the MA in two years without having to take courses in the summer and/or without having to pursue a BA in our department (although students may choose to do either or both). Students must be accepted

into the program prior to commencing coursework towards the degree:

First Semester: 3 courses
Second Semester: 3 courses
Third Semester: 3 courses
Fourth Semester:2 courses + Comprehensive Examinations

The accelerated MA allows students in the SIU Carbondale Spanish

BA program to transfer 9 credits of 400- or 500-level language courses over to the MA degree. Students enrolled in our BA program who have maintained a 3.25 grade point average in 300- and 400-level language courses may apply to the 5-year MA at the end of their junior year. If they are accepted, they continue on with their coursework for another year (including two summers) after graduating with the BA.

First Summer Session: 1 course
First Semester (Fall): 3 courses
Second Semester (Spring): 3 courses
Second Summer Session: 1 course + Comprehensive Examinations


First Summer Session: 1 course
First Semester (Fall):  3 courses
Second Semester (Spring): 3 courses + Comprehensive Examinations
Second Summer Session: 1 course