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Ryan Campbell

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ryan Campbell


Phone: 618-453-5031

Office location: Faner 3463

I am a biological anthropologist and archaeologist with a specialization in the bioarchaeology of pre- and protohistoric North American populations. I have research interests in human skeletal variation, geophysics, and cultural resource management.  I have a dual role at SIU serving as a Researcher with the Center for Archaeological Investigations as well as an full profile>>

Mark Wagner

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Archaeological Investigations

Mark Wagner

Phone: (618) 453-5031


Location: Faner 3475

My interests include the prehistory and early history of both Native Americans and Europeans in Illinois and the lower Ohio River Valley. I am particularly interested in culture contact issues between Native Americans and Euro-Americans and the variable outcomes contact had for members of both full profile >>