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Donation Information


Please direct all questions and correspondence about donations to:

Dr. Gretchen R. Dabbs
Department of Anthropology
1000 Faner Dr.
Mail Code 4502
Carbondale, IL 62901
Office Phone: 618-453-3298
Cell Phone: 618-305-0512


We are greatly appreciative of any monetary donation you would like to make to CFAR.  All monetary donations are used to support our research, education, and service missions.  None of the money donated to CFAR is used to pay faculty salary or benefits. 

If you would like to make a monetary donation to CFAR please contact us ( or 618-453-3298) so we can make the appropriate arrangements for the funds to be directed into the CFAR specific account.


The Living Donor Body Donation Process

CFAR is currently unable to accept pre-arranged donations from living donors. Please continue to check this website for updated information. Until then, please discuss your wishes with your family and next-of-kin. Family and next-of-kin can currently donate your body after death through the Next-of-Kin Body Donation program. Please see the next section for information on making a next-of-kin donation.

The Next-of-Kin Body Donation (already deceased)

To donate the body of a deceased family member, complete the Body Donation Packet and return it to the CFAR staff at Southern Illinois University. To initiate the donation process a faxed copy is acceptable, however we require the signed original be provided at the time body transfer. We also require a copy of the finalized death certificate.  A copy of the death certificate or death certificate worksheet must be provided at the time of body transfer.  In some situations, the death certificate is not ready at the time of donation and the final death certificate may be submitted later.

CFAR does not have the capacity to transport individuals to our facility.  Donors must arrange for transportation to CFAR through a funeral home or the county coroner.  The cost associated with transportation is the responsibility of the donor and/or donor family.