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Student Research Experiences

SIU Anthropology provides many opportunities for student research projects, both undergraduate and graduate. Here are stories of some of our recent student endeavors.

Leppert travels to Mexico to study wind energy effects on indigenous tribe


Green energy is good, many would agree. But when global forces dictate that your backyard is the place to begin the revolution, local populations can suffer, especially when maximizing profit remains the main objective of the energy companies involved.

Undergraduate researcher Amanda Leppert discovered as much last summer in Mexico, where she examined how a major wind farm project in Oaxaca was impacting local people. A Research-Enriched Academic Challenge (REACH) award through SIU enabled Leppert to spend six weeks with the Zapotec, one of the country’s many indigenous ethnic groups to discern how the project is impacting the community. Full story»

Vargas discusses research on Hurricane Harvey

Video: Undergraduate Grace Vargas describes her experience in SIU Anthropology and her research on Hurricane Harvey.

More details about Grace's collaboration with Professor Roberto Barrios studying the social after-effects of Hurricane Harvey in Texas can be found featured on SIU News.